Scarlett’s story

Scarlett is a pure bred Andalusian horse. She is stunningly beautiful and she knows it!. She originally came to us on livery, owned by a friend, but as she turned out to be too feisty for the friend to ride we were given the ultimatum – either we could keep her or she would be sold. We couldn’t bear to see her torn away from the herd so we agreed to keep her, even though she really wasn’t an ideal horse for us, not being suitable for clients to ride.
Over the years we have spent time with her trying to calm her exuberant behaviour (she thinks she is a race horse!) and thanks to postive reinforcement and clicker training she is now a lovely calm horse (in walk at least, though we are confident that we will soon be able to progress to faster paces without her getting over excited).
In the spring this year (2017) we took the decision to have her ovaries removed as she was becoming so hormonal that she was hurting herself when in season. She is already so much happier and relaxed and seems to have finally settled into herd life . Her best friend is Bracken the Shetland pony, they make such a cute couple.