Andalucia’s (Lucy’s) story


Andalucia, as we named her (soon to become Lucy for short) came from a Horse dealer in our village. We were looking to get another horse due to one of ours passing away. The idea was to have a  horse each to ride together as a family.

 We were told that she was 6 years old, and possibly pregnant, but the dealer had no idea of the due date. Nor of Lucy’s history, whether she had been ridden etc. She was so beautiful and kind that we decided to take the chance  with her. 

Lucy soon settled into her new home and quickly made friends with Polly and Blackberry.  She was fine to ride which was lucky for us. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before we stopped riding her to wait for her foal to be born. We didn’t have a clue when the due date would be, we just had to look for signs. When we thought she was ready, we brought her up to the stable near the house to keep an eye on her. 

Along came Leo

One morning Harry came running in to the house at 7am shouting ‘it’s here, it’s here’. There he was, a beautiful little colt, already standing up and suckling.  Lucy was an amazing mum; she was devoted to her baby but did not mind the constant flow of visitors all desperate to see the new arrival.  Leo, as we named the him was, and still is, devoted to his mum.  We wanted to let everything happen naturally, and were happy to let Lucy continue to feed Leo for as long as she wanted to. Four years later, she was still feeding him. So we eventually took the decision to wean him, by simply putting him an adjoining paddock. That way he could still touch his beloved mum over the fence.

One of the family

We have had Lucy since 2001 and she has been the best horse we could have wished for. Kind-natured, beautiful and always popular with guests. I have lost count of the amount of people that have asked to buy her.  We get a lot of husbands/boyfriends, persuaded to have their first ride by their horse mad partners. Lucy is so reliable that she would give them the opportunity for a safe, controlled canter. Just long enough for them to enjoy, but short enough that they stop before they lose balance. Of course the men think it is because they are complete naturals, much to the annoyance of their other halves.  

She has since been diagnosed with arthritis and can’t bear much weight anymore, the vet has recommended we still exercise her, but alas, only with small children.