Irene’s Story

Irene is everyone’s favourite , it is just a shame that she is quite a small horse and not everyone can ride her. She will take around 60 kilos so is great for lightweight adults and perfect for children. She is not the most glamorous looking horse but she really is a delight to ride, totally trustworthy but full of energy, often having little trots to keep up with the others (much to the delight of the children riding her) as she likes to be at the back of the ride. Irene is very settled in our herd and is great friends with Bracken the Shetland pony . As she is getting quite old now she has extra food away from the herd and knows that she gets an extra bowl of food after a ride too – if we don’t bring it quickly enough she will start to beg with her front foot, she does look very cute. She also loves a roll in the sand every day and a cosy stable to sleep in at night if the weather is bad , but will tell us what she wants and prefers to be outside otherwise. She is quite an opinionated old lady, we really love her quirky character.

A bit about Irene’s past

Irene has not always been so well loved and happy however. She came to us in 2013 after an English woman living nearer the coast rescued her from a Spanish riding school. The woman had booked a ride and when she turned up was given Irene . Poor Irene was skin and bone and wearing a heavy Spanish saddle and a harsh , rusty bit plus serratta nose band ( there is a bit of serrated metal under the nose band, cutting into the nose when the reins are pulled). The woman refused to ride her, saying it was cruel and she was too thin and , after she left she couldn’t stop thinking about her, so went back to the riding school and bought her. Irene then lived in a small paddock in her garden for a year and had her shoes and bit removed to try to make her life as kind and stress free as possible. Her previous owner then started to realise that keeping her on her own was not ideal and asked me if I would have her, having found us on Facebook and wanting a bitless and barefoot home for Irene. I am so glad that I said yes, I really can’t imagine life without her. She has scars on her nose from the Serrata and still has a stress habit from being shut in a stable most of her life and can be seen biting the wooden fence posts and sucking in air. I don’t worry about this as I think it is something she needs to do, it has become a habit and trying to stop her would only stress her.