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Our horses all live together in a family group and we try to make their living conditions as natural as possible. Their happiness is very important to us and their comfort and well being is our priority  

Their background

A lot of our horses are rescue horses. We try to give them a calm and stress free life to make up for their past traumas. (You can read about all our horses stories on our Meet the horses page.)

The Riding

We train with kindness using positive reinforcement and do not use whips or force of any kind. To thank the horses after a ride, we prefer to give a gentle rub or scratch instead of a hard pat on the neck.  (when you think about, why would that be enjoyable?) All of our horses are bare foot and ridden in bitless bridles. This has only improved their behaviour.

Previous customers have told us that the riding here at Cortijo Los Lobos is hard to beat for terrain and views. We have open fields, cool shady pine forests, olive groves and streams. For any of you who are nervous of heights, don’t worry, there are no very steep, narrow mountain paths. All the tracks are wide and we don’t ride on roads, (with the odd exception of a quiet country road if it links one track to another). The riding is all about relaxing and enjoying the spectacular countryside in the company of a horse. Our horses are kind and sure footed and we will ensure that we find the right horse for you and your requirements. If you love horses but don’t want to ride, or perhaps even don’t believe that horses should be ridden, why not take a horse for a walk in hand instead, they always enjoy a little grass picnic 🙂 .

*Note – Spain is a very dry country with fields being dust for most of the year. Do not expect to see horses grazing in grassy fields. Our horses live in a very happy herd with room to move and interact but do not have the acres to roam traditionally accepted in colder climates . They are not confined to stables, have friends to interact with and are fed frequently throughout the day on good quality hay.  By the standards of most horses kept in this part of Spain, usually tied to a rope all day in the sun without other horses for company, or shut in a small stable, our horses have luxury. 

Weight restriction – 90 kilos (14 stone or 196 pounds)

(*Please note – if you are only interested in riding hard and fast and your enjoyment comes before the horses well being, we are not the place for you.  Our ethos is definitely happy hacking with the emphasis on enjoying the scenery.

What we offer

We tend to concentrate on hacking as it is the perfect way to be at one with your horse and the surrounding countryside and wildlife. We are happy to teach beginners, but prefer to teach whilst out riding in the country side. This is more enjoyable for both horse and rider.

If you have never been on a horse before, don’t worry, we can walk along with you to help you gain your confidence and learn the basics. Our horses are very good with beginners and you probably won’t need any help.

Mixed abilities

Ride local

Our main clients are our riding holiday guests, but we can provide riding for anyone on holiday locally wishing to ride, or locals living here who would like to give it a try. We are not a busy riding school. For our horses comfort, we never take out more than two rides a day.  It may also be possible for you to book a picnic ride, please enquire.

We like our guests to feel that the horse we allocate them at the start of their holiday is theirs for their stay and they are welcome to care for them, grooming, tacking up etc., if they would like. We can also do that for you if preferred – the choice is yours, it is your holiday! 

If you prefer a bit of variety you can also ride a different horse each time. 


All ages and abilities are welcome. We just ask that riders are fit enough to ride and do not weigh more than approx. 14 stone (196 pounds, 90 kilos). Our Spanish horses are all between 14h and 16h .Riders close to the weight limit will be more limited to choice of horse but our heavier weight carriers are great all round horses. (We  reserve the right to refuse riding with no refund in the event of a rider being heavier than stated.)

*Please provide  weights of all riders on booking, thank you 

The routes

Depending on the time of year we can arrange breakfast and evening picnic hacks, with non riders welcome to join us at the mountain picnic site in the Landrover.

The routes are varied from day to day to give you the chance to see all the surrounding countryside. The length of ride depends on the rider’s ability and the time of year. If it is very hot, we have to restrict the riding to early morning or evening . This means that rides of 2 or 3 hours are the maximum. For cooler months we may be able to do longer rides.  Safety comes first at Cortijo Los Lobos and each ride will be tailored to suit the least competent rider in the group. 

Riding packages

10 hr riding package- hours to be used during the course of your holiday
220€ per person  (hours can be  shared)
3 night full board riding break incl. approx. 8 hrs riding, accommodation, all meals , use of heated pool , Jacuzzi, mountain bikes
450€ per person (250€ for non riding partners) Single person supplement of 100€
1 week full board break (7 nights) incl.  approx 12 hrs riding, all meals, use of heated pool , Jacuzzi, mountain bikes
750€ per person (500€ for non riding partners) Single person supplement of 200€
  • Full board meals – we stock your kitchen with food for you to prepare your own breakfast and lunch at your leisure. A 3 course evening meal with wine is prepared for you and served in the farmhouse courtyard. (food preferences are discussed before arrival and we can cater for different dietary requirements. Half board packages also available, if you wish to skip lunch and go out exploring)
  • For children age 12 and under – we offer a 10% discount on full board riding holidays.
  • For more information about our riding packages, please enquire:

Make an enquiry

It is very important if you want to get the most out of your riding, and for safety, that you give us a truthful account of your riding abilities. 


We recommend that you wear long trousers for your own comfort and trainers or walking boots as foot wear. Of course if you have the full riding gear and can bring it with you, brilliant.
 Riding boots can be provided if you are struggling for footwear, and a large selection of riding hats. If you are coming on a riding holiday in the summer, you may find jodhpurs too hot so it is worth packing some lighter comfortable trousers such as combat trousers to wear just in case.